How We Review Virtual Reality Companies:

Quality of the VR Experience

We reviewed virtual reality companies in Los Angeles based on their ability to provide an engaging, realistic, immersive VR experience that is fun for all participants. Our #1 pick Virtual Room LA provides a collaborative virtual reality adventure that requires the teamwork and participation of your group in order to work through an extremely immersive and collaborative virtual adventure.

The virtual room experience is perfect for a family outing, a date, a birthday party or simply a day out with some good friends.

The virtual reality experience at Virtual Room LA is more than a VR adventure, it is a team-based virtual challenge that stimulates the visual and auditory senses to recreate a digital layer of reality. It feels like being part of a movie where you can fully interact with the other “characters” and with the environment.

Virtual room is most likely the closest to what the future of entertainment will be.

Exclusive Game Content

Virtual Room LA features its own specially designed game content. These games are not offered by any other competitors, and offer a unique and adventurous experience that is sure to be remembered by all participants.

Their exclusive content features an immersive, ultra- realistic collaborative virtual reality experience. Each player has their own dedicated room, specially designed and equipped with the latest virtual reality gear. You will participate in the game standing up and will get to move around, search for items, manipulate objects and collaborate with your fellow team members.

Friendly Staff, And High Tech Equipment

VR Companies Reviewed performed an on site visit to our top 3 locations, and we found Virtual Room LA to have the immersive collaborative experience together with a great customer service.

Each adventure is monitored by a knowledgeable Game Master who will assist you during the entirety of the experience.

When we visited Virtual Room, we really felt that the staff was truly enthusiastic about this time travel experience.