The interaction between organizers and public at events is changing; in fact, we can safely say that is getting better, thanks to the incorporation of virtual and augmented reality.
The experience offered by these new technologies turns a simple test of a new product in some event to remember for all our lives. This is especially important in events where if you, as a brand’s representative, manage to capture the attention of the right person, whether a journalist or an entrepreneur, your product could increase considerably their sales or even your brand could jump to the next level. That’s why you are hearing a lot of virtual reality lately and probably you will keep on doing so for a long time, especially in events and all kind the presentations to the media.
At this point a few important questions arise: How can I incorporate virtual reality in my next event? Is it that simple? Well, about the first question I am going to tell you in this article about that. Regarding the second question, I can tell you that it could be tricky in that´s why I will give some advices to avoid the path of thorns.
• As the virtual reality offer in events is becoming more and more common is essential to give original content that can amaze both the one who has experience using virtual reality and the one who does it for very first time. Our goal is keep the attention in our product and avoid that the attendees move on to our competition spot.
• As there’s always new people interacting with the virtual reality technology in events, is good to keep a kind of host or assistant in the place where the gadget is to help attendees to get the most of it.
• Applying high scale virtual reality demonstrations in events requires preparation. It must be something planned; nothing of improvisations in this kind of activities because it could bring some damage to the brand’s image and it could be a waste of the investment made in all this technology.
• It is important to remember that you are using virtual reality technology to send a message about your product to the public, so all the innovation and originality must be focused and explained in an helpful manner so that people can understand it.
Once we let these points clear; let’s talk about the some possible options you have to incorporate in your company’s stand in the next event. The most used application to virtual reality in events is products demonstration. Companies immerse their users in virtual situations where is necessary to use their product in order to prove its value.
Another common application is to use virtual reality to make tours by the place you want to take your public. For example, you could provide a tour for your company installations including the most important places with the main characters of the brand and include some magic effects that add some spectacle to the experience.
These are just a couple of simple and common examples of how brands are using it to catch more attention in events but in matter of virtual reality, the only limitation is your imagination.

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