Want to improve your overall experience?

One month ago, HTC came up with a wireless adapter aimed at solving the recurrent cable issue on the HTC Vive.

Our tests show that the overall experience is greatly improved while using this accessory as , whatever your movement is, you are no longer limited or your immersion is no longer impacter by the annoying cable.

The battery supplied by HTC proves sufficient for an in-home usage but there are multiple batteries that can double your autonomy for those using the Vive in arcades.

Anker is our recommended supplier as they are both cost effective and offer enough power for a full 4 hours use.

So no more hesitation for your self gifting option, go wireless!


After checking with the different aracades listed on our website, it seems that, as of December 1st 2018, only Virtual room in planning on switching to a full wireless equipment by the end of this year

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