The development of new technologies in a fast manner allows people to apply them to different areas such as medicine, education, industry or entertainment, being the last one the most important in this article. On the other hand, marketing is implementing events (very influenced by the likes of Steve Jobs and Apple) as an essential part of their strategy at the moment to show their new products to the public.
A new way to take advantages of technology in events are getting more and more recurring today; one of the most important is virtual reality because it is a tool that lets companies stimulate the senses of the audience, thus causing a bigger impact due to the new experience they have just lived. To put it simply: virtual reality can make a simple experience a very special one. Because of that, virtual reality is becoming the new trend in marketing events worldwide and not just for technology events as you might think.
These events are opportunities that companies have to show their upcoming products through some advances to awaken the public’s interest. In this sense, virtual reality gives people the chance to watch themselves using the product, which is very different to the old method where some presenter or company’s representative showed you a video explaining to the audience what will be this new product’s capacity and why they should go for it when it is put on sale.
This article is focused to explain some basic stuff that any attendee to events that include virtual reality needs to know.
• First of all, it has to be known as the difference between the types of realities. Virtual reality is a digital experience using glasses that block all images and sounds from the real world, making you feel only the senses generated in the digital world by the person in charge. Augmented reality is virtual content added in the real world. There’s a third type called mixed reality (also known as hybrid reality) which is a combination between the two types already mentioned. Basically, mixed reality allows you to create new spaces where both real and virtual objects can interact.
• The images in the virtual reality glasses could be made from the videos recorded with cameras in different angles to catch the entire scenario or could be generated by a computer similar to videos in videogames.
• Although you can believe that using virtual reality glasses so close to your eyes could be dangerous, the fact is that OLED technology sends a low-intensity light and the glasses include additional protection. Besides this, the creators recommend resting after an hour of use in order to avoid dizziness and any other consequence harmful to the user’s health.
The sensations that are the product of a virtual reality experience are taken by the brain in the same way as real sensations so the produced feelings could be very intense. People who are very susceptible must be cautious at the moment to get inside the virtual reality world.

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