Best Virtual Experiences in Los Angeles 2019

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collaborative vr experience
meet dinosaur in vr experience

#1 Virtual-Room

6434 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Located in the heart of Hollywood, Virtual Room is the perfect example of where VR is heading.

Not only will you feel 100% immersed in a unique, fast paced adventure but you will enjoy the full collaborative possibilities brought by the technology. Even though each player is in his own separate pod, once the adventure starts, all participants are teleported to the movie like scenes.

You are now part of a 45 minutes movie where you and your friends are the actors, where all the script depends on your actions and decisions.

With currently 2 Movies only, we were recently told that Virtual Room is preparing the launch of its next VR adventure soon, stay tuned!

  • Best consumer rated VR Place, number Two on trip advisor all of games and entertainment in LA.
  • Best narrative and immersive VR effects, TOP realistic content.
  • Ultra Collaborative experience.
  • 2 To 8 simultaneous Players.
  • Zero motion sickness due to A proprietary advanced technology.
  • Open 7 days a week.
  • Possibility to welcome groups up to 80 participants.
  • TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence 2019.
dreamscape immersive stories
dreamscape immersive experience

#2 Dreamscape

610250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067, Dreamscape is on the 2nd floor, near Eataly and Del Frisco’s.

Not your typical virtual reality arcade, Dreamscape is definitely one of the most beautiful contemplative experience. Do not expect a lot of interaction or collaboration between players but put your headset on and admire the magnificient immersive graphics.

Dreamscape is not a gaming center, nor a VR center, it looks much more like a high end movie theater.

  • Spectacular graphics.
  • Immersive and contemplative.
  • Mix of real and virtual object in the adventures.
  • Great location.
  • Short “in game” experience.
  • No collaboration between players.
  • Limited interaction during the game.
(424) 603-2948
the void terminator
the void ghostbuster immersive

#3 The Void

1164 Galleria Way, Glendale, CA 91210

With all their titles related on Disney movies, The Void is the place to relieve your best Ghostbusters or Star Wars memories. Working like a VR franchise, you can find them already in 11 different locations around the world, among which 3 are in California.

It migth not be the best virtual reality for group as there is not any space for teams to gather prior to the experience, but for an action packed 15 minutes adventure, Disney style, The Void is the place to go. No prior gamers experience is required.

  • Great Graphics.
  • All titles are related to existing movies.
  • Free Roaming.
  • Mix of real and virtual objects to enhance the experience.
  • Almost no collaboration between players.
  • The interaction is limited to shooting.
  • Fun but not challenging.
  • In and Out experience, no space to chill.
(385) 323-0090
Two Bit Circus front door
Inside Two Bit Circus

#4 Two bit circus

634 Mateo St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Even though their rating on Yelp is not that impressive (3.5 stars), we love that place.

It is a concept by itself, offering VR experiences together with traditional escape rooms, iconic videos games with self developed games. The VR experience is a mix between “off the shelves” games and Location based entertainment VR attraction. If you like shooting, this is definitely your place.
Reserving a game can be challenging,  due to the mix of online and on site reservation system.

We particularly like their VR private rooms with Sofas, giant screen and food and beverage service.

Try to avoid the peak times as, being successful, they tend to be quite busy.

Make sure to order a cocktail from their bartending automate!

(213) 599-3188
los virtuality cabs
Los Virtuality play

#5 Los Virtuality

Vinci Plaza, 11901 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 204, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Well located in the Santa monica Area, Los Virtuality is a large space offering a multitude of “off the shelves” VR Titles.

From beat Saber to Arizona Sunshine or EAGLE flights to VR sports, Los Virtuality is a good first step before buying your own equipment.
It will give you a precise idea of what you VR life will be once Acquired your own headset.

All of the titles offered are available to anyone on Steam, so Los Virtuality is our recommendation is you are looking for a first “at home” VR experience.
Nothing special, but nothing bad about their catalogue, you will have a fun time, especially if you are in between 9 to 16 years old.
Prices are very reasonable.

Just don’t go there after any other of the previous 3 experiences mentionned in this article, you would be disapointed.

(424) 345-5068